Intention and Dealing with it!

Intention and Dealing with it!

There is always so much that can be learned from Champion athletes.

As a Triathlete, I really enjoyed @Jan Frodeno’s interview on the “BE With Champions” Podcast and legendary triathlete Mark ‘the Grip’ Allen’s interview on the @Zwift PowerUp Podcast.

Without a doubt, @JanFrodeno is the RogerFederer of triathlon. Such an amazing guy.

In the Podcast he talks about a Letter of Intent that he signed with his coach and manager the year before his greatest @IM.Kona victory in 2019. The LOI was to create an ‘upheaval’ to put all your heart and soul in to the next year to achieve a lifetime goal and dream. Jan called this a little bit of ’spike’.

On the Podcast, @GregBennettWorld and his wife @laurabennettworld said “the Difference between Good and Great is Intention”. ie Everything matters.

“It’s impossible to go on this journey if you’re not burning for it, not passionate about it, if you’re not loving it!” @JanFrodeno

On the ZWIFT Podcast, legendary triathlete @MarkAllengrip was taking about lessons from the pandemic that can be applied to triathlon racing and to life.

@MarkAllenGrip says that during the Pandemic we can get the best mental training to manage situations in races in unexpected situations. You have two options during this lockdown, we can either “freak our or deal with it!” We can now either focus on what we can’t do (eg race) or on what we can do. What positive thing can I do for my life, family, friends etc in this moment in this unknown. In a Race we also need to be able to deal with problems and set backs, but through these lessons during the Pandemic we learn to say “what can I Do” . The things you can do are to re-focus, re-group, take in some food/ liquid, quiet my mind etc. If you do this you know that you have given everything that you have on the day. Life doesn’t say, “If you give everything you have you will have a guarantee of getting what you want.” Life says, “Give everything you have and then let’s see what happens.”

“It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it is refusing to fail.” @MarkAllengrip


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