Don’t make the same mistakes twice…

Don’t make the same mistakes twice…

I have been looking to post a quote from all books I read. There is always a lesson to be learnt. I just finished Pamela Watson’s book “Gibbous Moon Over Lagos” where she shares her 5 year entrepreneurial journey in Lagos, Nigeria. @pamelawatson_africa . In the book she says “The greatest learning, I realised with chagrin (annoyance or stress at having failed or been humiliated), came from mistakes, and not without substantial pain and sacrifice”

On the weekend I noticed that two large Australian Companies had admitted to making mistakes.

Rio chief executive, Jean-Sebastien Jacques, admitted error to the explosion at a cave that caused damage to an ancient Aboriginal site in Western Australia  “Something went wrong in relation to the Juukan Gorge.“ He went on to say ”We are absolutely committed to understand what happened to learn in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again … but the work is underway and I don’t have the answers,” Jacques said.

Westpac chief executive Peter King has vowed to ramp up efforts to improve the bank’s culture after a critical internal review found serious shortcomings with its governance of risk and a lack of urgency to change. “It is clear we have more to do to address these shortcomings, including improving our risk management capability and risk culture which is not where we want it to be,” Mr King said.

In an article about the COVID-19 crisis is Melbourne, it says “This pandemic throws up enormous logistical challenges and tough choices every day. Mistakes will be made, and some such as hotel quarantine will have enormous consequences, while others will soon be forgotten. Accepting fault, finding solutions, being truthful and transparent, all need to be part of the response. It would ensure that in the eyes of the public, accountability takes precedence, no matter what the consequence.”

“While we usually think that life is all about moving forward, often, we need to retreat from the progress that we’ve made: to take a step back, and have the humility to learn from our mistakes and re-evaluate our decisions. … It is through this process that we grow and truly move forward.” Rabbi Kenneth Brander. He goes onto say that we must remember the lesson of the philosopher Maimonides (Rambam): “learning from our retreats and our mistakes is an integral part of humanity’s zig-zagging journey forward.”

To end I was listening to @FIVERR founder Micha Kaufman on the Square Peg Founders Stories Podcast  he says “We learn more from our mistakes than from things that went well” @MichaKaufman

He talks about the Company’s culture, and teaching from mistakes. He says “It’s Totally Ok to make Mistakes, don’t be ashamed, on the contrary, you should be proud of your mistakes, just don’t do the same mistakes twice – Thats stupid and reckless”

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